Dod gib pack

Can someone make a gib pack for day of defeat whit these skin like in call of duty world at war?


Holy shit, is that Keith?

Yeah its probably the WAW head Bloo used


Who is it?

Day of Defeat doesn’t have gibs.

That’s why i’m asking one!

if it was done it wouldnt work in game so you are just wasting your time

Why, i’m only asking already gibbed models not gibable only models and it’s not for day of defeat but from dods for garry’s mod.

It’d be better to port WaW’s models and gibs as DoD’s models are smelly looking and inaccurate.

How can I do that if I don’t have a powerful computer and CoD WaW?

Are you able to do that?

Inflator tool, paint tool and photoshop, my friend. :smug:

I don’t have photoshop and how paint tool can help with this if you to make an explosion, the guy legs flying with piece all over the place?

Spawn multiple copies of the same ragdoll, fully deflate the parts you don’t need, then no-collide them and put them in place.

And use Paint.NET instead of photoshop. It’s free.

This isn’t call a gib.

Maybe not, but it works and looks effective.

I would do it myself but my importer exporter of .smd doesn’t work right now.

Did I ever tell you 'bout the time Keith tried building a homemade time machine?

Who is keith???

This is Keith.

I would really appreciate.