DoD: Nazi Zombie Attack

Overview(no effects):

The models gave the the idea. All effects in-game.

C&C Please

I like #1 and 4, even though the first one is badly shopped.

You need to work on your posing.

That could be it, but the models had a really shitty .phy file didnt have time to replace it.

cough bull feces excuse cough

Its not a excuse, just sayn.

It is.

If you cannot be bothered to pose them at least a little correct, do not pose them.
Those soldiers can still be posed to look somewhat realistic. It is plain you haven’t put in effort.

The lens flare is ugly.

As well as the default blood and blood effects.
But I cannot blame you on that one. I wouldn’t expect decent editing without the decent pose behind it.

(For the record, I do not pose so amazingly, nor edit. But this is utter badness.)

Too much blood.

It’s okay. Posing needs a work (the ragdolls aren’t an excuse here), the editing is pretty bad on some, and the map is badly chosen, it’d probably be better to have a dark atmosphere. It feels too bright.

Speaking of which, would muzzleflashes like that even be visible in the middle of the day?

Those models are easy enough to pose with.
Stop making excuses and make an effort towards improving.

For someone who is watching zombies eating a man alive while he’s shooting a gun he sure looks pretty calm

They have nerves of steel, they feel no fear, they are cold blooded murders…:v:

“I don’t know the pose is good, so I’m posting 4 abgles. And forgive me 640X480 resolution and lack of AA”.

I liked only first one, but wtf is with this blood? It’s everywere.

Here, have a decent weapon pack - way better than the DOD ones:

You didn’t really have to bump this.