DOD:S checkerboarding

I decided to make a quick DOD:S skin tonight, but ran into a problem. The skin works flawlessly in Gmod, but when I put it into DOD:S it checkerboards. The odd thing is, only the body is checkerboarding, the gear looks perfectly fine. I’m using a default .vmt and I’ve tried multiple .vtf compression types (DXT5 is what I am using now) but still nothing works.

Any ideas?

Also, here’s the skin. I felt like doing an Afrika Korps tropical uniform:

Post the .vmts, .vtf filenames, file paths, etc.

VTF name is german_body.vtf

“$basetexture” “models\player\german\german_body”
“$bumpmap” “models\player\german\german_body_normal”
“$phong” “1”

// “$phongexponent” “8”
“$phongboost” “1”
“$phongfresnelranges” “[1 3 8]”
// “$halflambert” “1”
“$phongexponenttexture” “models\player\german\german_body_exp”
“$phongalbedotint” “1” }

The gear .vtf works, but as far as I can tell they’re no different at all.

Is the model yours too? It’s covered in clipping errors on the back.

It’s almost certainly a VMT issue btw.


“models\player\german\german_body.vtf” exists, right?

Try commenting out the phong and stuff, that might work. But I think DOD:S is on the OB engine so I’m not too sure.

The model is the default DOD:S Axis model.

I took the .vmt directly from the .gcf with no changes.

Just making sure, but is the Axis model the same from Garrysmod and from DOD:S?

And are you checking via HLMV or in-game?

I am checking in-game. I took the base texture from the .gcf as well, so I am assuming the models will be the same.

EDIT: Got it working now, apparently there was an overall problem with my DOD:S install. It shows up fine in modelviewer now.