DoD:S headcrab-zombie skin needed

Hi, I need DOD soldier- headcrab zombies for a machinma i’m making

the whole idea is what if the resonance cascade happened in WW2??

I’ve already tried myself, but to no sucess, it just looks like a green zombie

if you could make zombine version would be great to

i want one us and one axis zombie and at least a axis zombie.

Thanks in advance,

Dagoth UR(parashooters(

p.s. please don’t take me for a n00b because this is my first post, i’m serious about this.

What do you need?

Allies and Axis?

Yes, i need axis sooner than allied, so if you can thanks, and the more you can make it look like the hl2 zombies with the open chest the better, if not a bloody dod soldier skin replacing the zombie would do

Well, It’s far from finished, but it’s a start.

I’ll be releasing these for a DOD:S mapadd mission I’m making for Obsidian Conflict (

Its my first try at reskining, I hacked/hexed the models so they work as npc_zombies in OC.
(Hence why the hands are a little screwed up).


By fug4life at 2009-10-21

By fug4life at 2009-10-21

By fug4life at 2009-10-21


By fug4life at 2009-10-21

By fug4life at 2009-10-21

By fug4life at 2009-10-21

Anyhow once I’ve released to OC, I release for all (about 2 weeks).

Here’s how they look in the Mapadd mission:

By fug4life at 2009-10-23

I like the way your guy looks, i know it’f far from done, as you said but can you include the ripped open check make the whole body more bloody and try and make the skin work for BOTH zombie and zombine npcs…

and fug4life, those shinks look good BUT i don’t like/want the yellow stuff on it.


Of course I’ll add the open ribcage, It wouldn’t be a headcrab zombie without it.

I didn’t texture it yet.

Well, you can only have one or the other…
How about I make the Axis as the zombines, and the Allies as the classic zombie.

And fug4life, those skins are pretty cool. Although I do agree that there is too much yellow, it makes it look like the HL2 leak zombie.


Got some more shit done.

The headcrab is removeable.

i know what you mean about one over the other but i can always switch and swap the skins

Bloody awesome.

This is so fucking awesome ShoTGuNGuY, you’re the best

Wait, would it be possible to make the skins into a set of zombie NPCs?


Not asking that you do it, just if it’s possible.

For Garry’s Mod?

I like… rhis is great… thanks a load.

Could anyone help me figure out an issue I’m having?

In the video, you can see the zombie walking.
But the floor doesn’t move under it’s feet. (it’s supposed to be moving)

compare your anims/ settings to the zombie one?

and that looks REALLY cool


I finally got around to texturing it.

one word: SWEET

one thing, an you have more blood around the collar on chest hole, i mean you should be able to even make out the medal, it should be heavily stained in blood.


Looks perfect. Is this an NPC, or just a ragdoll?