DoD:S M1 Garand

You can snipe shit

any last shot ping sounds

Nope hold on lemme add that

Oh and if anyone would tell me what the anim is for the bolt to stay open after last shot many thanks and i will add that too

nvm found it

Bump cuz I can cuz I’m an alt, anyways I think some fucktard got my steam disabled for no reason or Valve fucked up. Now anyways. As soon as I get my Steam enabled again I can get the sounds and stuff and the bolt back idle animation in.

EDIT: My Steam’s back, apparently some people (Probably a few people from CCOF) repeatedly reported me.

Maybe you should make a better one instead of using the DODS one.

How so.

Use a better model or skin, this isn’t anything special, just DODS M1 Garand. Go to FPS banana get a skin from there, they have really good ones there (I’m Dr Pepper ALT, btw.)

Hey dude you gonna reply?

I made one of these for MC2R my gamemode nya, it has that DING on the last bullet, but im still working on it, on the last bullet im working on making the clip pop out.

what code did you use to make the ping sounds

i used CanPrimaryFire hooked to the current clip, so if the clip is <= 1 then EmitSound(“weapons/garad_ping.wav”) or whatever the sound path is, cant be bothered to go get it :stuck_out_tongue: