DoD:S materials in HL2.

**as you all know, to edit in map editor for gmod you have to choose Source 2009 -> HL2.

I can’t find DoD:S materials, props and models in there. I dont have dod:s in source 2007, 2009, source MP something, and 2006. For those who ask, i have VCP, and i have it all installed.


Oh, also, how do i add a moving train to my map, like in a map from TF2, that will work like that, come from one side and end in another side, or for you all TTT players 67th way.**

Copy paste it from a hl2 map

Why did you bold all your text?

You can make gmod maps in any editor bar the l4d/2 and portal 2 editors. If you want to make a map with just dod:s, then make it in the dod:s editor. You may need to reset game configs to get it to show. If you own dod:s and have it installed, then it will be in source mp.

Otherwise, extract the materials/models from the dod:s gcf and plonk it into the materials/models dir of the game you want to use.

Adding a moving platform:

So it stands out even though in order to read it we have to open his thread first so it was pretty much pointless.