DOD Soldier Discovers the AWP

Im new to Garry’s Mod. I just got it on the 50% off deal on steam. I thought this would be pretty funny to make so take it easy on me, please. It took me a couple of hours the CT took me a really long time to get the fingers right and I had some trouble finding a cigarette model but I think it ended up pretty nice. Thanks

Pretty good, keep at it. :slight_smile:

Pretty good for your first screen, but try turning up you Anti analysis. Also the drop shadow on the speech bubble is kind of annoying. But a very nice use of that famous Will Smith line, lol.

Don’t use GM_Contruct or Flatgrass for posing unless your showing off models that you’ve ported or something, that would go in the models section, this is excellent in my perspective, also things you need to work on though. Make sure to fix clipping, like feet going through ground (CT Soldier). But yes, badass :).
Atleast it’s better than Gauls. :smiley: Anyways HAVE A FUCKING PALLET <3.

I was expecting some shitty random pose on gm_costruct. Well, I was right with constuct, but it’s actually pretty good.

Nice posing for your first try!

In the future, try to avoid using GM_Construct or other build maps.
Always turn your settings all the way up just before you take a pic.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s AWP

wow, thanks for all the positive posts and yeah i know i should have used a more original map but i was on it and the idea came to me but in the future ill be sure to use a more exciting map.

Posing is nice, but turn up your AA and graphics and use a better map. Construct is not good. If you need some editing done, I could do it(hopefully I’m not being whore-ish?).

You spend hours on the fingers and yet you never show them. :I

i know the idea changed in the middle of it but if i ever need the sniper model again i have it pretty good

Really nice for your first pose mate, Its way better than alot of the 1st pics I have seen from other people or MYSELF lol.

I think people already told you everything you need to know, except maybe for the Editing program. When you found some effect you cant make on Gmod, turn to the Editing Programs like Photoshop(Paid), or GIMP(FREE). You can find tutorials about this programs on the Comic Section first thread, or in Youtube/Google.

Pretty decent for your first pose. Definitely needs Anti-aliasing (AA). And try using Super DoF under the post processing tab.

And get some new weapon models; the CSS defaults are low poly and ugly.

FAIL!! lol u cant see the fingers in the picture lol

Shut up, leave him alone. It’s his first pose and it’s excellent for his first. Also, yes you can, look at the American soldier in the chair, derp.

sniper would be farther back from the ledge, and if he didn’t have a bipod he’ld use something to prop the gun up

other wise its i like it

Not bad for a first pose. The prone position looks quite decent, and that’s a damn hard pose to nail.

I have no problem at all with the graphics or speechbubbles on this one.
I lol’d and it’s original so keep em up.


It’s Anti-Aliasing.
Just a FYI.

Use prop posing this is the best way to pose ragdolls