Is anybody willing to make actual replacements of these weapons to HL2, not SWEP’s… I’d like to have a DoD:S MP40 replacing the HL2 SMG, because I’d need it in a certain mapping project. Anyone wanna lent a hand?

Dude, i need the same thing for my movie! I need an mp40 for my german troops when they fight the americans and mutants!

And a Luger for the pistol, an mp44 for the osipr, a trenchgun for the shotty, and so on …

OK, do you want all the weapons to be german or a mix of allies and german?

This is as far as I got until running into problems. I think this is as good as I can get it, I’m afraid. I don’t know how the v model looks, I’ll have to see.

Edit: Oh shit, I didn’t realise how dead this topic was before the bump.