I think it is time to spill the beans.

I have been working on this map on and off for a couple of months. I have not compiled yet, because I still have a couple of things to do. I will release this for DoD, and for gmod.

First off, I need to know how to set gun limitations, I don’t want the germans to have snipers for this map.

I will not be releasing this till I get an answer to my question, that I typed above the picture.

Comment :smiley:

I don’t want to burst your bubble, but you’re going to need a new name, I’m 100% sure it has been taken- in DOD anyway.
Also, if you go into tools [In hammer] you can adjust the draw distance, so you can see models further away. [ie - they don’t turn into boxes]

I haven’t played DoDS but the DoD Omaha was a great map, still worth playing.

thanks, I didn’t know I could ajust that…this will be very useful.

bump this map looks pretty awesome, I am surprised more Omaha maps haven’t been released :slight_smile:

Yeah this looks good, but make sure you add a 3D skybox because Omaha beach was a lot longer than that!

Good luck

Actualy it was almost 1km long. And Please do not forget the mortar holes, add some Crashed Struka’s on the side.

They have. :downs:

good work

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