Why hasn’t someone made a Dodge ball Gamemode? I’ll just make one myself.

There is already one though, but it uses rpg models for weapons. But if you want to make another one (with preferably hands as the weapon models) go ahead.

There’s a Fretta gamemode resembling Dodgeball, as far as I remember.

I think it would be a good idea to use a grav gun and a helicopter bomb and the dodgeball and your arm xD I tried to remake one that isn’t fretta. I got tired of doing it. Good luck to any one who does though.

Yes there was a version of dodge ball for TF2 if i remember correctly, looked fun enough and i would defently play a gamemode like it :slight_smile:

I was thinking on using the Gravity Gun, I would just need to find a way to stop it pulling balls from the other end of the Playing Area.

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Good Idea on the Hands though. Shouldn’t be too hard.

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Then I remembered that I would have to remove the pull feature, so it can only Grab and Throw.