Does a stack of more than 1000 stone imply hacking?

Quick question: if you find a chest that contains a stack of more than 1000 stone, does that definitively indicate hacking? Can this be done by a player today without a hack? I know there were some stack size issues a few weeks ago, but I thought that got patched (or are there still bug/glitches related to this?). Also, I know admins can spawn stacks larger than normal, but this is a different situation.

Pretty sure you can get higher than max stacks by queuing many items to craft then cancelling.

Cool, thanks!

If you play on a modded server there’s plugins that can change the max stack size.

How many hours you played ? I’m sure less than 50 …

Cancel craft = big stack
Swap an item in large box with the big stack = big stack is now in box

I didn’t know that. I have well more than 50 hours.

100+ hours and you taught me something new. I don’t know if you intended to do this but your comment came off as slightly rude

It surprises me too that people can put more than a few hours into the game without realizing this. But it’s true. Lots of people are not good at exploring/learning systems or noticing potentially useful peculiarities as they play.

I’m constantly finding boxes filled with stacks of 1,000 wood/stone/etc in peoples’ houses.

I guess it takes all kinds.

It would be pretty impossible to notice this if you play on modded servers.

Clearly not the case if the OP is asking whether a stack higher than 1,000 indicates cheating.

1186 Hours and I didn’t know you could do that. Pardon all us peasants who don’t go around looking for ways to exploit the game every chance we get.

This large stack bug has been in the game now for a couple of months and it’s very well known.

By “looking for exploits” do you really mean “canceling something and then opening your inventory afterwords”? Because, you know, that’s not exactly high level deductive reasoning.

If, in 1186 hours, you never canceled a craft, opened your inventory and went, “That’s weird. This stack of X is bigger than normal,” I would venture it’s reasonable to say that puts you on the low end of the awareness spectrum.

I was mainly referring to the other people in the topic that didn’t know. But anyways maybe OP just started playing vanilla.

Yeah I tend to find lots of 1000 stacks in bases too… So what were you saying again about high awareness levels?

…That many people don’t have it. Are you trying to be ironic here or…?

Is this implying that once I combine a stack of, let’s say, 20k stone in my personal inventory - that I can somehow “over stack” in my chests as well?

I thought you could ONLY do that in your personal inventory, and once you tried to move that stack, it will then split apart into “regular” stack sizes.

If there’s a way to “over stack” in crates as well, please let me know! I’ve got 5 large crates of nothing but stone. I’d love to reduce the number of crates in my house!

Open chest. Move axe (or any regularly stacked item) from inventory to chest. Switch axe from chest with super stack of stone in inventory. ??? Profit.

We really need resource pile deploy-ables that hold a much larger quantity than boxes/inventory.

Stone Pile - 50k Stone
Wood Pile - 50k Wood
Metal Pile - 50k Metal Frags, 5k HQM
Large Crate - 50k Charcoal, 50k Sulfur (contained piles of small or fine grained materials) or 10x the amount of Stone/Wood/Metal Pile
Barrel - 10k Oil, 10k LGF, 20l Water, 10k Animal Fat, etc (liquids)
Tank - 10x capacity of Barrel