Does any one have the VMEX's custom prefab

It seems that yahoo wanted to delete the protecter file, so does any one have a copy of the protecter for “VMEX.”
The link in the valve developer commuity is broken.

Usually, unless your map is amazing and/or you are extremely paranoid, there is no point protecting your maps. For a start, anyone desperate enough to decompile it will be able to decompile no matter what you do to it. Taking that into account, there is not a lot of point in putting the effort in to protect something you can’t.

I disagree because it would be best to keep the argent people at bay then letting them open my map, copy it, and call it there own.

There are cracked versions of VMEX which allow for the decompilation of any map, even those protected from decompilation.

So no matter what you do, someone will be able to copy it as their own. It doesn’t really matter though, I mean you will have older posts, a release thread, and other evidence that you were indeed the original creator.

And decompilation fucks up brushwork, so the “copied” map will have inferior performance, both compile times and in-game FPS.

Thank you Terrenteller

Now, the vast majority of maps, people will not steal. It is only a minority of times it occurs, and adding protection is stupid. Of course, this is coming from someone who will give the vmf out of any of my maps if asked nicely and i think the person has potential. I wonder if anyone can name that map :smiley:

I would give vmfs out if people ask me courteously and give me reason why. :slight_smile:

“…liek 0mg ur map r so kool nd i liek want to add a BIG FAT snipr tower in mddle ov map cuz liek i wnt 2 BEWM HAWEDSHOT teh n00bs in it liek i does in css…”

Is probably 90% of the reasons right there. Either that, or they think they can do better Lol.

Map protection is a joke in every sense possible.

can anyone post a cracked version of vmex


Search my friend