Does anybody else enjoys DarkRP gamemode these days?

Basically,I play Garry’s Mod for a long time and yet DarkRP/RP servers are being my favorite type of gamemode. But yet,I really want to ask you guys…do you people enjoy the servers these days? Honestly,I dislike DarkRP for breaking its own rules. I have been banned/betrayed by administration,and yet it is horrible to see players playing this gamemode not even noticing what is going on. I am strict player,sure. But I am still can’t have small joy whenever admins/hosts cannot manage simple things. Here as some examples what I would prefer or like to have on servers:

  1. Simple and Decent Content/Addons especially tools restrictions.
  2. Friendly Community.
  3. No VAC Bans listing on Admins/Hosts (This is pretty much obscure to say,but believe me,it is filthy to play on server knowing that).
  4. Simple Admin Service.
  5. And Behavior.

The reason I put behavior is because most hosts and admins cannot take some situations seriously. And make most mistakes all above. I even saw them manipulating players and ditching them,especially not taking simple care what they are doing. Only hating your opinion and criticism,as well lying that they “understand” how you feel about this situation.
And yet,I am still trying to find a server to get simple experience on DarkRP. If you guys have a server to recommend me to play on,please tell me.
As well share with your own thought and tell me what you think,you disagree? or agree with me?

Ayyy lmao

[rant]That’s nice and all, but why is the having no VAC banned on record matter? Some people just made a mistake when they were young, no reason to punish or treat people who made that one mistake differently than other people.[/rant]
Anyways, good luck finding a DarkRP server like that now-a-days, most DarkRP servers are ran by kids, or have rubbish admins that just want power.


Well towards VAC ban profiles,I understand the mistakes,but it doesn’t mean user can’t make new account for running the server? It should have purpose at least…
And thanks. I am hoping to find one. I could host one,but maybe in the future…