Does anybody have an UP TO DATE headhacking tutorial?

Or something similar, Taggart’s one is pretty outdated in some things, such as the programs.

If a new one exists could someone please link me to it? Thanks

His tutorial actually works very well. 3ds max still works the same no matter which version you have.


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Restarted my messy attempt, came out with decent results imo. Except for one problem, can you guess what it is?

Here, I’ll tell you.

[sp]The guy’s face has no textures[/sp]

Is there anything wrong with this?

$cdmaterials "models\HaloShockTrooper\"
$cdmaterials "models\Humans\Male\Group01\"
$cdmaterials "models\Humans\Male\"
$cdmaterials "models\humans\male\"

Find the male face’s .vtf and open it up. Then, untick Clamp S and T.

If that doesn’t fix it, then you have to move the uv map of his face upward.

Tried it in-game, came out as this.

Eyes are missing and it’s not even a ragdoll anymore.

apply eye textures and give it a physics file.

Right, well.
my t-pose effects?

They’re t-pose props now.

I should give up.

Post your qc.

Import the bones when you import the smds

and include the ragdoll.smd when compiling.