Does anybody know any good source military models that work in SFM?

All i can find are raw files, im not going to get 2 separate applications to convert all those damn files. So, does anyone know a link to a page with some on them or what?

(btw, by military I mean like modern jets, tanks, helicopters, ships, maybe more weapons,)
Thank you for taking time to look at this.

If you haven’t looked already, there’s actually quite a large selection on the workshop in terms of weapons. Can’t really guarantee anything for vehicles though, but I’m pretty sure there’s a few things on the workshop for those as well.

Black Mesa has jets, tanks, and helicopters that you can use.

All BMS has for helicopters is the apache and osprey, im looking for a UH-60 or Uh-1 (Blackhawk and Huey Venom)

Sorry to bump a thread like this, but I think Kali/FloaterTWO has what you want. Though, let me warn you ahead in time, it is from Black Ops 1, which means Cold War vehicles. They are great and works great in SFM. I’ll link to the thread below where you can find the models I was talking about if you are interested.