Does anybody know any interesting facts about Rust?

I am just looking for a few facts about the game Rust.

Check out the search feature of this forum. Someone posted a video about that like 2 weeks ago.

Very interesting. For example, why naked men and what Harry was thought when embed this)))

Radiation zones used to be solid to bullet traces (even though you could walk through them) and would leave bullet decals floating in mid-air:[/t]

The road used to not follow the ground surface very well, and if you walked on the road and crouched, you’d fall through onto the ground. If you stood up again, you’d get launched into space. :v:

Rust used to run inside the Unity webplayer, which means you used to play Rust in a web browser. And it was laggy as crap.

See 'n Say: The Webplayer goes duuurrrrrppp:

Posting pictures of That Cat used to get you a Rust key[sp]I mean a permaban, don’t do it[/sp].

Fun Fact: Satanic rape cults are a thing in rust

Knowing is half the battle