Does anybody know his version of rp_Downtown?

Does anybody know this version I’m talking about?
I only remember playing on it once or twice.
I remember that there was a big bank across from the fountain, and where the Police Department is, there was some sort of hotel.
I know this just sounds like every version of Downtown, but it was different.


Ehem, Sorry about that, I was half asleep when I posted that.
But I made a map with my msPaint skills of what I remember of the map, maybe that will help?

That’s either v3 or v4 for sure, I remember there was such spawn in those versions.

Yeah in V4 you spawn in the industrial side but there I can say it isn’t V4. I do know the version you are talking about because of the “bank” building which was more of just a medium sized building. I can’t remember the houses or anything though.

Yeah, I’m not sure if it was a bank, I think it may have just been used as a bank the couple times I played on it.
EDIT: I played this map back in early 2013/Late 2012, if that helps.
So its not a new map.

Looks Like … V2 almost, Because of its shape

If I remember correctly it was just the same as downtown V2 but with a large building as shown at the spawn. Try V3, I don’t know what that is though.