Does anybody know how to (if possible) use a controller to get input WITHOUT IT AFFECTING MY CHARACTER

Basically all I want to do is be able to use my xbox controller for use w/ wiremod, but I want to be able to move my character around normally with my keyboard and mouse. I want the xbox inputs to be totally independent of my normal controls but still able to be used with the wire system. (So i can drive a car or something with the controller but still walk around with my mouse and keyboard.)

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Ya… well… apparently I can just plug in the controller and not have enable joystick on and wire input works… so… restarting my game fixed it… thanks anyways lol

Look up what the gamepad controls are called for xbox, take those commands and hook it up with wiremod. As for it controling your character, I don’t know how to fix that :C

you could freeze your character in a invisible prop? or perhaps you could unbind the xbox controls from movement