Does anybody know where the voice mute code for TTT is?

I need to look at the code for muting other players from your client. I’m going to be coding something for a server so that players can ignore other players not only in voicechat, but in regular(text) chat too. Also, I need the place where the PlayerList(scoreboard) code is stored, because I want to integrate the ignoring addon that I plan on making into the scoreboard for easy access.

I would just make a script that checks to see if the player is muted in the scoreboard and if they are then, hook into the clientside chat hook and return false if they are muted for that player

Use OnPlayerChat clientside hook for suppressing messages at the client level. Voice muting has been given to game-modes to control so you should have no trouble with that.

Okay, but how would I check if other players are voice muted? I’m still looking for the code that handles voice muting.

Nothing a little digging in TTT’s files wont fix. We arent going to do your work for you