Does anybody remember the name of this Garry's Mod addon?

Hi, I was hoping if someone remembers the name of this addon (NOTE: It’s not the “cinematic mod” from the steam workshop). What it does is it makes the camera all shaky so when you walk your camera goes up and down, and when you sway your camera tilts, and when you move your mouse, the crosshair moves further away than usual.

I have managed to find a video from 2012 of it here:

I’ve looked up the “cinematic mod” addon in the steam workshop and it’s not the one. The steam workshop version seems to have fakefactory models and alters things like gun skins and sounds but does nothing to camera movement.

I remember I had this mod way back in 2012 before the big update that introduced the steam workshop. Hopefully someone remembers where I could find this.

Could be SharpeYe.

possibly something similar to this?

That’s SharpeYe

Yes, it looks very much like what I remember!

Thank you so much!