Does anybody remember this map?

It was on a tropical island, kind of a race-like map, there was a hotel, there was also a tunnel, an area with some lava, and it was gmod 13 beta, anyone recall the name? If you remember it then I’ll really be greatful, I don’t have any pictures as I got a new computer since.

What gamemode was it used in?

don’t remember, rp_ or gm_, I always used it in sandbox.

gm_blackmesa_sigma or gm_lair?

So nobody remembers the map? :tinfoil:

Gm_lair doesn’t have a hotel. Only a super sexy looking volcano island with ultra awesome evil villain base.

Was it that driving map (it was literally called ‘gm_driving’ or something very similar to that)? Like the map was built specifically for driving, had a couple buildings, lots of open roads, an elevator that went underground and through tunnels, etc

was it by any chance this map?

I thought of that map, when I saw the post. The description sounds just like the map.