Does anyone else get this weird lag? PLEASE HELP

I have a PC that has no troubles running the new games at pretty good frustrates so in my mind it cannot be a hardware issue. for example i can run Battlefield 4 on ultra and get around 50-60 fps. and Crisis 3 on high and get a solid 60 fps. but when i play in game
i get this weird 2-5 second lag. No matter what server on what settings it still gives me this lag and with no luck can i find a way to fix this. Anyone else experience this? or know how to fix it because i cannot play the game with this lag. also i cannot find anyone else with this issue… BTW i do know this is an Alpha build but it would still be nice for it to be abit playable…

Happens to me too. Although I am at a constant 3-5 FPS

OH and before anyone asks this is not an internet issue either i have very fast internet…

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oh i can get like 60-80 frames. but when this happens the screen feeezes and i get 0 frames and it goes back up to like 60 or 70 depending on where i am

I’m assuming you have the same issue I do. It seems like the renderer locks up on a frame when assets for player houses are loaded and unloaded from memory. For me, it always happens when a player house either appears or disappears from my view (based on LOD distance, not just me looking around), and it gets worse the bigger the house is. I’m on an SSD so these periods of lag are always <1s for me, but it’s pretty bad regardless.

yeah it seems to be the same kind of issue. although mine happens really no matter where I am. but it more than likely is related or is what your talking about. I am on a mechanical drive so that could also be a tiny bit of the problem but still should not cause something along the lines of this haha

i get this weird stuttering lag, like i’ll open a door and hear the sound 3x really fast. it happens every few minutes:(

I can imagine even chickens and trees being a small problem on a mechanical drive :frowning: It also neatly explains why everyone appears to warp around in bursts no matter how smooth the server is running.

The thing is, is that i can run DayZ fine and every other game with no problems what so ever. and it just frustrates me because i have such high hopes for this game but right now it isent even playable.

Yeah, same thing here. Definitely related to swapping assets. If, for example, you’re moving forward when the stutter occurs try taking a few steps back. You’ll get the same stutter in the same place and you should notice houses in the distance disappear. Step forward again to experience the stutter once more and have the houses pop back in.

Moving my game directory off of my mechanical drive to my SSD definitely helped, but it hasn’t eliminated the issue. On high pop/high density servers the issue gets pretty bad.

I’m not too concerned about it at this point. It’s an alpha, after all, and it’s bound to come up in an update.