Does Anyone Else Light Their Base Up At Night?

I know a lot of people try to hide their stuff but I enjoy building in the open, normally at night I’ll light up 8-12 camp fires around my base. I’ll see people ping chat saying that it looks creepy, wigs them out, and they are avoiding the area. Anyone else find this tactic to work?

Seems like a waste of wood to be honest.

When I first started playing I would do that to find my place after wandering off in the dark. Now I seldom do it for fun.

Or you could just toggle your gamma like a normal person…


Just gotta wait for a night that it’s not lit up, then open it like a can of tuna.

Haha good luck :slight_smile: I’m a builder and I suck at pvp so I don’t keep anything of value inside. It’s been raided a few times and at most I’ve lost about 300 wood but it’s cost them 10-12 C4 =) I just login, farm, and use all my mats before I log again.

Now that’s a good strategy :quagmire:

the risk of failure is what makes it fun:D

waste of wood, and bad spot if you have to lite fires to “wig” people out.

waste of wood my bum. he could bang on those trees for one minute and get enough to light those fires.

not anymore. a thousand wood in a fire lasts like 2 seconds at the moment(in exp build)

Peoples’ wishful thinking aside, the experimental build is still essentially just a rough demo, so I wouldn’t take anything you see there as canon any time soon.

I can’t even get a base…

Sure I light my bases up. Every time I want to give some group of sad little blueballed 14 year olds a giant target to find at night. Yep. Winning strat.

Actually I find, that having lights on your “balcony” at night, makes people NOT raid you, because fire that’s lit on = someone’s home. And people often don’t know how many lives in the house, when we talk biiiiig houses…

Also, I heard someone say “shit someone’s home there - let’s take the next house!” in voicechat… which was really stupid, as they also were using torches… so 3x kevlar and some explosive charges for me, due to the lovely bolt action I used to snipe them with. rofl.

Sure its not the best strat ever but I think it gives an immerse feel and looks pretty cool.

doesnt cost anything with endless fire and yes i light up my base, let em come!

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Using your furnace or cook-fire has a similar, if less direct, effect. The, “I’m home!” notice it sends out doesn’t hurt. It’s also a good way to distract from any other bases in the immediate vicinity that might be hidden about to stash your Go-kit.

I wish that they would put in a lantern of some sort though, one that you could hang up on the wall, or pillar. The firepits take up way to much space haha

New record…I got raided last night…blew through 19 walls. Cost them 38 C4 and it cost me the wood to replace the walls. Trolling successful :slight_smile: lol