Does anyone else think Wiremod has ruined GMod?

I personally think that wire-mod has ruined Gmod. Before it used to be about the building. Now, 3/4 of the contraptions forum is boring wire-mod shit that half of us don’t understand and even if you did, is boring as hell.
Don’t get me wrong, I think the people that use wire-mod are smart to understand it, and it is useful for gcombat and the like. I just think people have taken it too far, “Wow, another engine, never seen that before!” I just wish we could go back to the old days where building skill still counted.


I personally think wiremod has improved the construction. I do agree, if there are too many engines that look and operate like other, it’s shit. But if it is a car, for example, with wiremod gears and hydraulics or something like that, it’s just good. And you’ll learn other things than just construction too :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that “No, 3/4…” supposed to be a “Now, 3/4…”?


The draw I see to wiremod is that in itself is a puzzle. It’s an alternate way to do something, and with it you can challenge your skills at logic and the likes.

Should see the project I’m working on, fully automating the supply system across worlds on a space build map where each world shares resources and can call in for more from it’s neighbors if needed. That’s not something you can do with just the number pad.

I do appreciate the uses for it, what I’m trying to say is that, like you’re doing, it should be built into a well made contraption to allow it to work. The things I hate are all the wire-mod things that serve no purpose, like standalone engines or in game assembly code. What’s the point?

The only thing that does or ever did ruin Gmod’s online counterpart is the community with a collective intelligence of that of a turd with a hat on it.

Damn agreed
Wiremod has never been boring to me, rather was fun to learn and use, and improved my builds a lot cause now I didn’t have the numpad to limit me but could build entire computer systems in my ships and stuff.

It was far more fun to just build things before wiremod appeared, most people have forgotten this in their quest for more featurezz.

Wiremod enhanced gmod and added more depth. No more ent_fire hacking like I did in gmod9 :slight_smile:
But indeed, it destroyed the creativity of most players and it isn’t easy to understand.

I think wiremod engines are a load of poo.

I just can’t get my head around wiremod.

I miss the days when all you needed to make a car fight was 4 wheels,a box and 4 thrusters.

Wiremod is just an addon and can’t ruin Gmod.

Wiremod is really complex and i don’t think its worth getting to know.

Wiremod is great big addon. It adds depth to your contraptions, but I can agree that it is annoying seeing every single contraption being automatic engine, computer in a computer etc. I liked it when people could make stuff out of crap, and then show it to the world. Not all this ultra realistic stuff, as much as it looks real, as much as it still looks really good, you cannot shoot down every new contraption that is not like a real life counter part in every way.

That’s exactly what happened. On, Half of the saved games/adv duplicates has wiremodded shit in them. Not half, 3/4. Most of it are boring engines that makes a wheel spin or something. Oh god. I hope it just dies because of popularity loss. :3:

Wiremod is too frustrating to learn.

Menstration :v:

Nobody is forcing you to use Wire Mod…


On an unrelated note, people really need to calm down and shut the fuck up. They had this old saying we’ve all seem to have forgotten…

Wiremod doesn't kill people. People kill people.

I think that it has made garry’s mod more “life like” than other games which I think it has improved it.

It’s not the fact that I dislike using wire-mod, it’s the fact that every one else seems to orgasm over it when it just makes the game more boring. Yes, it makes the game more complex an life like, but is that necessarily a good thing?

Logic has turned it’s back on you I presume. It’s boring for you, but not necessarily the other people.

Fair enough if some people like, just there’s no need for everyone to hop on the band wagon and for everyone to post weird in game operating systems that no-one except other wire-mod fanatics find interesting. Keep it to the wire-mod forum.