Does anyone else think Wiremod has ruined GMod?

I think the wire mod Has been a great improvement to gmod.Can’t you see you couldn’t have infinite wheel/hydrau/ and everything that is keypad related, and with wire mod, you can keep your keyboard free, and it use so nice value system, wich i think is hard to understand first, but so on it get easy!

Wire mod has fucked up gmod to no limit.

I don’t want to fucking watch tutorials just to use it.


Oh well since this thread was brought back from its slumber a while back.

Appearantly It’s so hard for these people to just NOT DOWNLOAD IT. You can at least download the models and use them for non wire stuff if you hate the error things.

Seriously. Do it and get over it. Threads like these look more like spam than the actual spam.

Honestly, downloading the models just puts more weight on your GMod. It increases the loading times. And downloading the actual mod to stop other errors will put a big load of pointless shit in your Q menu that you won’t ever use and also increase the loading times even more. I know this because it happened to me.

You talking to me? Target my hate properly? I think you misunderstood my post. I was implying that they were the problem. And how is my hate mis-targeted?

Yes, i think Wire mod has gone too far. People are starting to say shit like “That’s rubbish, use some wire thruster instead, give you more control.”. Who has the right to tell other gmodders their contraption that might be totally amazing, that it’s shit because it has no wire.

Now i know how to use wire. But the only thing i use it for is for a extra options. But if i was making one of my huge cranes, i couldn’t trust wire at all with my complex builds. Then i get shit on by “pro” wire’rs on a server because it doesn’t use wire. Telling me to use adv.Pod Controller. Some times i will tell them straight that i don’t fucking want to.

Then i go on other servers, and make a small car to get around fast and in style. While in the making of it, another player started building the exact same as me, but uses wire trying to intimidate me. Then after the i made mine i tested it out, and it was great fun! the uncontrollability and stupid speed made it more fun to try and control. Then the other guy (name i shall not share) drives around in his wire car that uses ad.input, pod controller, wire wheels, wire thrusters, speedometers and a screen to show speed with an expression he made on the spot that keeps a set speed he selects. Using the exact same design of car as i did then saying his is better because it can do more… Now come on… Some things better because it can do more? come on. Yeah, ok, Bravo, you spent time learning how to use wire mod and made something “more better” than what you could do with out wire mod. I’m not going bad on wire all the way, i like it when it comes to making helicopters/planes as the dual inputs are great for the fins of a plane. But i couldn’t spend 3 times longer in making a simple contraption by thinking what gates need to go where, what the gates A value goes to and back. When i could possibly do the same without the hassle of thinking “mathematically”.

Another point. People in this thread and in the game on servers are saying because their smart, they can use it/because their dumb they will never learn. How pathetic is it to say that. “Oh, i’m a genius at math, that’s why i love wiremod because it has numbers and i can do math in game.”/“Oh, i’m dumb, I’ll never learn how to use wire mod, I’m shit at math.”. Now come on, That’s no excuse. Knowing things in maths for wire mod is just a slight advantage, as you understand and know how to make extra things like using cos in an expression with other values to create an accurate cannon that you control. Congrats, But I’d find it more fun actually trying to hit something with a cannon on a wheel with some friction and a winch to lift a platform up for the cannons distance. Although it will be more “basic” and less “advanced” but god it’s great fun shooting with it with stupid accuracy which adds to the fun.

The things i like about wire: It gives more options in hat you make. And more control with some of the normal GMod tools such as the hydraulic/thrusters where you can change the value/length/force easily. And yes it does give more room on your keypad for different things and the pod controller does come use full in space build for me.

But the things i don’t like about it, is it’s used far too much and people are using the mod more than the actual game itself (really). You see people spawn 1 prop, then spend the rest of the time adding wire things to it like a gyroscope and thrusters to keep it self balanced, a hover drive, player selector, auto telerportation with a target finder connected to a turret so players can’t mess with it, and a bomb on top that explodes just incase some one does get too close to it. Now that just goes too far to me.

I think “Wire masters” should just sit back, and try to make some thing with out wire. I want to see how far they can get with out thinking about using wire mod. They need to realize that wire mod isn’t every thing in Gmod, and realize things with out wire might be less accurate or not do as much, but can be just as much fun.

I’d like to say one last thing (so i will since you can’t stop me), Don’t tell new people to GMod that they “Need to/Should get wire”, because they don’t. I want to see Gmod filled with contraptions that have a clever design with a nice layout, that work really well and is fun. Or even a small car that looks good with out the use of wired wheels where you can change the speed or opening wire doors with self locking and self balancing and tension able suspension.

Some times i feel Wire mod is over rated. And if you run a server with out it. Players will keep asking you to get it (even some that don’t even know how to use it). It’s in almost every servers name. I loved it before wire mod, where contraptions were more amazing than an automatic cannon.

Personally, i would really want people to realize that wire mod isn’t every thing. And start looking back on the old contraptions before wire mod was made.


(Also screw smartness if i fuck some spelling up)


This is my favorite thread. Because everyone is hell bent on doing the impossible: Getting rid of Wiremod. That’s like saying the sun must die because you don’t like light.

What you guys want is something you can snap together without thinking, and as soon as that happens, mingebags will get it and destroy everything.

I like wire mod some times. I like the sun as well.

But the difference between The sun and wire mod is that the Sun fucks off for a good few hours during a day (night…) while wire mod is constantly around.

Wire mod is VERY DAUNTING and UGLY at first.When i first saw it i was like
“what the hell is thes crap?” After a while I understood the basics and learned that
WIREMOD IS A SYSTEM OF TOOLS THAT CAN SEND SIGNALS THROUGH WIRES.It is really, honestly, it is easy to learn.And once you learn you cant stop, its addicting.


There are servers without wire, and there’s also singleplayer.

To the people saying they don’t want to watch tutorials on wiremod just to use it… how did you learn vanilla gmod in the first place? either by watching tutorials or experimenting, probably a bit of both. Same goes for wire.

I learn’t wiremod all by myself, no tutorials here.

I do very much agree with the fact that most “wire mod” contraptions are very bland ,so, I just treat them as Proof of concepts.

I personally embrace wiremod, but i never let it take away my creativeness.
The only time i can be caught with a pile of phx plates and wire chips is making prototypes.

Wiremod has lots of uses, adding complexity, stability and just general awesomeness to some contraptions.
But it has also made a group of people that think there “gyro stabilized” phx plate is original.

Uh…Summary please? I read the bold bit and I agree.

It’s not just the fact i have to have a pointless set of models and crap on my pc to play GMod online. It’s the fact I’m expected to get the latest SVN version. I do not want all that shit on my pc. But the fact is if i want to play at all I’m forced to. The ugly wire chips and stuff are far more appealing then joining a server to be molested by a phx plate covered in errors. People always make the same stupid shit with it as well. Occasionally I’m impressed by some ones creativity with wire. When they make something good. But I’m far more impressed when some one makes something without it.

The fact there are a lot of people who outright refuse to play garrysmod with out wire is just stupid. If an update breaks it, it’s nothing but " Fix it!!" or “I need a fix NOW!!!” simply because people are to retarded to not use it for a bit.

If some one makes a sent something, there are a lot of people who will not use it until it is made wire compatible. I will abandon hope the day some one makes wire compatible Snpcs for zombie survival, where the player can wire the zombies to follow a specific route straight into human gunfire. Because that is exactly what most wires would do. Make the game stupid.


Wire Mod is OK. Excessive use is what makes it shit.

For one, the design with three PHX plates is optional but i am guessing that isn’t the main complain in your post. But for me the use of wiremod is not a question of if I can make an automated turret, i learn mathematical stuff through wire such as geometrical terms and the fact that the trigonometry used in wiremod helped me understand some parts of a math test is just a bonus. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you can learn to make cool stuff that not only works in a game, but stuff that you could actually make in real life using your little brothers mechano set… I LOVE wiremod and it brought new challenges to Gmod when i was about to take a break from it

These anti-wiremod posts are getting old. They’re no different than the anti-phx posts really. “PHX lacks creativity!” “PHX ruined GMOD!”

PHX and Wire supply a standard we can all follow. It makes our contraptions more controllable, adds room for extra functionality, and can take an already good contraption and make it better (by being easier to control, more functionality, etc)

Example: regular hydraulics have 2 lengths. Wire hydraulics can change their length to virtually anything. Then you combine that with weld latches and BAM, more stable contraptions that are far more flexible in what they can do and how much control you have on them.

But hey, you don’t have to use it. Not using wiremod doesn’t make you a noob. It is difficult to understand and requires a certain mindset to master. But it provides options none the less. Best of all, wiremod, like all other mods, provides the option to NOT USE IT. Nobody is forcing you to use it.

Yh Most of the the time when i join a server there is atleast 3 wiremod contraptions, noone uses : hover balls, thursters, hydrolics,moters,sliders,winches,buttons,and useful construction props anymore because of wiremod

all i can say is: wiremod is the most advanced addon and works with almost every other addons.

Or 4 saw-blades, a bathtub, and some thrusters. I still wire my bathtub car so I can control it with the wasd keys. It’s usually pretty top-heavy and prone to roll-overs so I also use a gyroscope and a couple more thrusters for stability. An automated turret on the front of the tub keeps those pesky head-crabs from ruining my bath/ride. If you have the capability of making a superior contraption, why not? A wire contraption may be “boring” to look at in screen shots but they are usually far more enjoyable to use (and make for better videos).

Wire adds capability to the sandbox.
If you don’t like added capabilities, don’t use them!
If you know how to use wire, it becomes exceedingly tough to hate it.

[QUOTE=Psycho0124If you know how to use wire, it becomes exceedingly tough to hate it.[/QUOTE]

I know how to use it and I hate it… :downs: Wow, good job, you made a plane that flys perfect, without you having to press anything but forward. Oh hey look, you also made a perfectly level helicopter without any hover balls. :downs: WireMod took the creativity out of GMOD and just added the automated into it.

So speak for only yourself when you talk about things, because there is ALWAYS at least one person with the complete opposite opinion of yours.