Does Anyone Ever Raid When There Will Actually Be a Fight?

Hi again,


Pretty much every server I’ve played on to date, it seems like it isn’t really about firefights and kick ass base raids, it’s more of a war of attrition between who can stay on at the oddest times so they can raid when no one is home.

What are other peoples experiences so far? If it is a problem, is there even a solution? I want fights man, not ninja raids when the server is almost empty. :frowning:

The best is when you’re crafting and someone comes to your house, tries to blow a wall and when you start to move around they say friendly don’t shoot.

oh yeah. did a raid a couple weeks ago in relatiation for one of them killing me. We snuck up on the base in the dead of night, the 3 of us. Saw there was a campfire inside, so at least one. Kept moving in, saw another, then a 3rd came back and went in. At one point there were 4 of them. the tower we attacked we guessed had about 6 actual occupants total. The 3 of us built a siege ladder up the side of their 8 story building and once we entered from the top cleared each floor one by one the entire time fighting them off from above and below. We only had 2 casualties. Me at the beginning when i got jumped by 4 of them and another at the end when we were leaving and he got seperated. But we wiped the floor with them. Best gunfight/raid ive ever experienced. We excuted our strike with precision, planning, cooperation, communication. We did everything perfect if i do say so myself

I don’t raid for any other reason but to get a fight out of people.

I half the time don’t even loot bodies.
Drop a Large storage box and put all their shit in it.
I don’t need your cloth armor and MP5…

I do my best to cultivate a Friendly PVP environment. I want to pvp but I don’t want people getting the wrong idea.
I don’t want people to think I’m a dick so I leave their stuff alone for the most part. I only blow doors if they can defend themselves.

I have raided 1 base while the person wasn’t online mainly because they were talking mad shit on everyone else in the server.
Claimed to be unstoppable and no one should even try. Gathered donations from other players and saved up 200+ nades to take their base lol.

With the exception of dying :stuck_out_tongue:

OT, I have only seen a couple of raids when both parties were actually online. For the most part though, you wake up with nothing their because people want your stuff with minimal effort and resistance.

Things are different if you’re the admin. you pretty much can’t get into PVP without ppl claiming abuse.

There no fun in raiding when nobody is home, that’s a weak way to go. Nothing beats the rush you get when you hear someone walking around your base trying to break in.

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Ayup. Another type of Raid… lol. Is sitting outside the door with a shot-gun, risky if they see you, but if they don’t. Blow them to Hell, when they open the door. Door stays open.

Run in. Possible Firefight, (Depending on House Size/People).

Great other way to raid, takes more time, but NO-C4’s.

check out mine and my partners in crime 45 minute raid and firefight :slight_smile:

On our server we have very rare C4 - uncraftable, about 0.5% drop (x1) from zombies, about 20% chance for 1-6 to come in an airdrop crate (which are only 2-3 times each real day). This makes ‘online raiding’ even more attractive, since if you only have enough charges to blast through 2-3 doors, catching them with the front door open (coming or going) could be crucial to actually getting loot - not to mention of course you get what they may be carrying/using!

Of course people are doing to use whatever obvious strategies exist in order to get the maximum payload with minimum effort and cost (time/resources) - whether that’s offline raiding, or building up a few sets if stairs to get into your base through a design flaw, rather than spending their precious explosives if they can avoid it.

Devs have already acknowledged that offline base defence is a focus area for them - try to relax a little and trust that improvements will arrive in the coming weeks :slight_smile:

I haven’t had that problem on my server, at all. Two main reasons for that, the first being I’ve built my reputation from day 1 as a Fair Play admin… I started with a hatchet and nothing else, early all my gear legitimately - and we’re a hardcore settings server with no high-end stuff creditable, and drop rates for good items in the sub-1% range. If anyone accused me of admin abuse, I’m sure I’d have half a dozen regulars telling them to stfu without me having to lift a finger :wink:

It also probably helps that I’m a shitty shot in a firefight :stuck_out_tongue: I can pick off a pig or walker with a bow at maximum range (max view distance) in 2-5 shots, but when I get excited I’m all over the place haha :slight_smile:

I had some hackers move in next door to me. They could fly, ESP to 800m, aimbot, shoot people though mountains. To cut a long story short, they suddenly got friendly when they realised no matter how much they killed me, I was not going to forget where they lived. And other hackers were looking for them. So, they added me to their friends list on Steam.

Knowing they were offline certainly made raiding their base easier/possible, although it still required a 19 storey staircase to get to their lowest floor (they could fly up there). It took well over an hour just to ferry all their shit out of there.

Knowing their Steam accounts (they had invisible names in game) made it easy to report them too. Checked this morning and they got VAC banned.

Just remember: no amount of hacks can cure terminal stupidity.

Oh yeah! I do raid when there will be a fight! I love it! I knock on their doors inside their base after getting in saying I’m friendly and just want chicken… while destroying all their stuff and shooting anyone who opens the door…
I truly am friendly! Why does no one believe me?
…I give out free bullets to people’s heads :frowning:

People tend to only raid when they are pretty sure they will be succesful, which is usually when you aren’t online.

How ever i had a VERY intense battle when 9 people came to raid my base and it was only me an my friend defending. We of course could not kill all of them and they used about 30 c4 to get through our house to our loot room while we slowly retreated and tried to hold them off. Nobody ever died the entire time and as they made it to our loot room that is when they realized we were allies and they were raiding the wrong house. Another problem with not being able to see peoples names until you are right on top of them or you kill them.

As a solo player on high pop servers, i tend to craft C4s during the day irl time and scout out the well known bandits/bandit groups and then go raid them at night when most the people and asleep.
Might seem like a cowardly tactic but as a solo player there’s not much i can do :slight_smile:

this is kinda why a game like this is broken, in a real survival situation people wouldn’t magically go comatose for an entire workday.

someone blow up your house while you are in it? well too fucking bad because you magically are a heavy sleeper. you can even sleep through getting a pickaxe to the back of your head and gun shots to the knee caps. you must have been tired.

it is retarded.

but its an alpha , so maybe they will realize how unbelievably stupid the current system is and they will fix/ finish it . till then… i guess people with a day job will have to just accept the fact that every day they will have to restart with nothing …every day… or play the more than pointless pve servers.

oh well.

If you were keeping up to date with what the devs have publicly posted, you would know that beefing up home defence options is already on their priority list.

You’re doing something very wrong if you’re getting raided every day. Try reading a guide or two. You’re also creating a comical false dichotomy with ‘pvp and raided daily, or pve only’ - firstly you have the option of one of the thousand or so no-sleepers servers, where you can use your body as a kind of ‘impenetrable safe’ when you log off. Secondly, there are even servers out there already with ‘pvp only on weekends’ - though I’m not sure why you think this’ll help with your raiding problem, since IMO it’s easier to raid on PVE - players are powerless to stop raids offensively!

Thirdly (certainly not the only three criticisms that can be made of your stance, but I have a life lol), I’m not much of a raider, but if you were in a server with me and I saw you whinging constantly about it, I’d probably seek you out just because you obviously can’t handle this game - it paints you as an easy target who doesn’t learn from their mistakes; an essential skill to learn if you’re ever going to improve your gaming/Rust experience.

Op the reason why is people would rather play rust like it’s a singleplayer, i.e. mine the resources alone, build the house for one… Just add more things to craft and watch these same players squeal with excitement.

If the game made dying less of a punishment then you might see more firefights, but i doubt it because people even tend to stay away from each other even in the deathmatch servers! People just don’t like how this game does its gun play i think. Maybe make it more like COD or just remove guns all together. Maybe the gunfire sounds are too scary sounding.

Though I’ve only played on PvE servers myself, my brother has attempted to raid what turned out to be well prepared groups(and it ended up horribly for him). Gotta think about it like if you were planning a bank heist in real life. Would you rather try to sneak in when there are fewer, if any guards for a potentially smoother job or would you rather do it during peak hours where all the armed guards are around?

Though regardless I admit it sucks getting raided when its a case of a few shelters and between you and anyone else all you have are rocks, bandages and some wood.

I was in a 2 hour raid and it was awesome. There is no better feeling then actually winning a fight like that. I lost some kevlar and ammo to be honest but I didnt care because the group we were fighting against was talking trash for hours the night before. I only wish they stayed on. They all rage quit and we havent seen them since.