Does anyone have a Bunny Hop Script that's working for garrysmod?

Please tell me if anyone has a script that allows me to bhop

I have a script here but how do I put it into my garrysmod. Like what do I save it as? Where do I put it?

local bhopenabled = false
local bhoptoggle = true

local function bhopon()
bhopenabled = true

local function bhopoff()
bhopenabled = false
bhoptoggle = true
concommand.Add("+bhop", bhopon)
concommand.Add("-bhop", bhopoff)

local function bhop()
if not bhopenabled then return end
RunConsoleCommand((bhoptoggle and “+” or “-”)…“jump”,"")
bhoptoggle = not bhoptoggle
hook.Add(“Think”, “jamhopper”, bhop)

If you have a better one please tell me.