Does anyone have a copy of this model?

I searched the keyword cremator, and saw a really cool looking Combine soldier replacement that replaced the soldier with the cremator. It had good (looking) animations and everything. In the thread, there was a hexed version. Does anyone have a copy of either the replacement or the hexed one? Thanks!

Give me a Picture and I’ll have a look-see


Right, here’s where I saw it originally.

Not a Combine replacement, but it’ll do:

Playermodel, eh? Does it have any other animations, or do I have to test that myself?

That playermodel has boken animations

I have a new one here.

I’m sure I can make it a combine NPC though.

Do you want a replacement, or hexed?

I was hoping for a hexed version, if possible.

Alright then, I’ll give it a shot.

Thank you! I should point out that much about the current model needs a bit of touching up, such as the hands.

I can’t do anything about that.

I don’t care, I was just pointing out that that might make it kinda hard to animate.