Does anyone have a list of activities?

I was wondering if anybody had a list of activities for gmod player models
a list of the new gestures would also be appreciated

the ones i know already are:

Im also wondering if anyone had the base gmod animation smds because mdldecompiler crashes when decompiling any mdl without a mesh
the player models im using have non valve biped skeletons and have over 200 custom animation .smds and rigging it to a biped guide is out of the question because they are smaller than the default biped and i would loose all of my custom animations
because of this using $include player_anims.mdl is useless to me
my goal is to use the standard animation smds and map them with MOTOR then apply the movement to my custom rigs

so my question is does anyone have a list of gmod activites and does anyone know where i can obtain the official gmod uncompiled animation smds