Does anyone have a Semi-Primal Server?

I am wondering if anyone has a server that is at all similar to this or is interested in trying one with this preset

My OPINION on a perfect server.

Balance is the most important aspect. I don’t want the starting player to be able to dominate everyone but I also want him to be able to have a chance to defend himself.

Starter kit(1 hunting bow/2 arrows)

The biggest detriment to starting out on a server is that someone always comes along with full kevlar an M4 and a stack of medkits. This person is impossible to kill for a fresh spawn or anyone who doesn’t have almost equally powerful gear even if they are a terrible shot. I’m not against this but the gameplay becomes pretty stale knowing most gunfights are going to go one way. My thoughts on fixing the issue would be to remove some things and make the prices of other things drastically different.

One thing that comes up is c4/metal doors without them it becomes too easy to raid/make an unraidable base.

Item / Current Cost / Optimal Cost / %

M4 / Uncreatable and Unobtainable
MP5 / Uncreatable and Unobtainable
Shotgun / Uncreatable and Unobtainable
These are the only weapons I think should not be allowed

Bolt Action Rifle / 50W 30LQM 20L / 66W ish 40LQM 26L / 33% higher cost(Extremely hard to aim)
Hand Cannon / 20W 10metal / / 0% (The hand cannon is extremely unreliable)
Pipe Shotgun / 50W 40metal/ 100W 80metal/ 100% increase
Revolver / 60W 10cloth 80metal/ 90W 15cloth 120metal/ 50% increase
9mm Pistol / 10LQM/ 25 LQM / 150% increase
P250 / 12 LQM / 30 LQM / 150% increase
Explosive Charge / 15 Explosives / 20 Explosives / 33% increase
F1 Grenade / 80 gunpowder 40metal/ 100 gunpowder 50metal/ 25% increase
Hunting Bow / 35W 5Cloth / 70w 10Cloth/ 100% increase


Kevlar / Uncreatable and Unobtainable
Rad Items 0% change (They Provide very little protection from bullets)
Leather Set / 38Leather / 57Leather / 50% increase
Cloth / 26Cloth / 39 Cloth / 50% increase
Small Medkit / 2Cloth 2 Blood / 20Cloth 20 Blood / 900% increase
Large Medkit / Uncreatable / Lootable (I feel the large medkit is too cheap to make for what it does)


Flashlight mod / 5LQM / 5LQM / 0%
Holo Sight / 5LQM / 10 LQM / 100% increase
Laser Sight / 5 LQM / 7or8 LQM / 50% increase
Silencer / 8 LQM / 12 LQM / 50% increase

METAL DOORS / 200metal / 250metal / 25% increase

Again this is my OPINION on what I would like to see in a rust server to hopefully bring a little more balance to the server and make some things viable throughout the game such as hunting animals for cloth.

Ammo prices
556 / 2metal 5gunpowder / 6metal 15gunpowder / 200% increase /Only one weapon uses 556 and it is single shot so a person should not need extreme amounts
9mm/ 1metal 2gunpowder / 2metal 4 gunpowder/ 100% /does not hit as hard and is needed in much larger amounts