Does anyone have a SENT base?

Hey, does anyone have a skelton of a SEnt ? thanks

Just make one, it’s really not that hard.

There’s not a lot to it, just hook SpawnFunction and Initialize to give it all the starting values it needs, and in shared.lua specify ENT.Base (base_gmodentity usually) and ENT.Type (anim usually)
Also set ENT.Spawnable to true if you want it in the spawn menu

It doesnt really matter.

Heck, I used the portal radio as a base for my first entity, a bottle rocket. Basically I was just after the filestructure and basic code elements

I used as a base for my first entity :3

Thanks peeps, just it’s not my first entity( and i cant use my other ents as a base, they are to complexe, diverse and heavily modified to serve as a base ) and i needed to do this thing fast … anyway, thanks, i found a version inside the garrysmod GCF.

thanks again