Does anyone have any spartan models?

Does anyone have any spartan ragdolls?

Well, I know there is a deadliest warrior game. If anyone has ripped that it should have a very overpowered Spartan in that.

Ah that’d be great. Could someone rip that along with his weapons? And could you port them to Source for posing?

From what information I could gather, Deadliest Warrior: The Game seems to run on whatever engine Pipeworks Software works with (dubbed the “Pipeworks engine” due to a lack of an actual name for it), and is only available through a digital download from the Playstation Network and the XBox LIVE Arcade. I’m probably wrong on this, but wouldn’t a hacked/dev system be needed for either console in order to even attempt getting the data from the game and extract the models with their textures?

I’d actually prefer the models contained in that mod, if possible

That’s pretty much everything from this mod here. I don’t know about the body(ies) and their rigging, but the gear itself would be easy to nab and probably hack onto something else.

Actual, Any Skyrim Mod you can port the models with modding software.

Could someone do that then :open_mouth: it would be greatly appreciated.

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It isn’t that hard to extract the files believe me there are plenty of tutorials out there for most things. Once you’ve extracted them just post them on the thread i’m sure someone will rig it.

Alright, here are all the files from the mod. The meshes are in nif format and the textures are in dds format.

Can anyone do this? :smile: