Does anyone have the entire Toybox torrent downloaded?

Hey everyone. Sorry if I’m chasing a ghost here, but I really want to relive the nostalgia of gmod12 again. Some of you may not even know what I’m talking about but before the Steam Workshop was a thing, there was something beautiful called “Toybox”. The Steam Workshop rolled out some time in 2013 I think which is when Garry’s Mod switched to the new system away from Toybox. Well, before Garry rolled out gmod13 he uploaded a huge 36 gb torrent of everything that was on the Toybox. I’m sure all of you OG’s know what I’m talking about. So I was wondering, does anyone have it fully downloaded and on their drive that would be willing to share? I managed to only download 10% of it before the last seeder went dark about a year ago :frowning:

I can’t even connect to the tracker anymore.

If you spent the time you wasted making this post you could have scrolled to the bottom of the blog post and found the mega link.

Here it is so you don’t have to go to the massive effort of using a search engine:!ONlkxLhQ!w9afYYX78LNiSl8ZG5BO3Z-LGxkA7DF062Wc8Orefcs

Please google your problems next time.

And before you reply with “but it’s only 9.82 gb”

--- /data/huge/toybox/toybox_content -------------------------------------------
   21.3 GiB [##########] /maps
   11.0 GiB [#####     ] /materials
    2.4 GiB [#         ] /sound
    1.8 GiB [          ] /models
    2.0 MiB [          ] /particles
    1.5 MiB [          ] /scripts
    4.0 KiB [          ]  readme.txt

 Total disk usage:  36.5 GiB  Apparent size:  36.4 GiB  Items: 53613

well that was very kind of you to help, but you dont have to be a condescending prick about it

not like he was being rude about it or anything

If I can find something in under 30 seconds with no prior knowledge on the subject they aren’t putting in enough effort in my books.

alright? that doesnt give you an excuse to be a dick about it

Kinda sucks that it takes 6+ hours to download.

I tried that. Downloaded all of it and it didn’t have any of the *rp_ maps. Correct me if I’m wrong. EDIT: Last time I tried this was in 2014 so maybe he updated it idk either way I’ll download it again just in case.
EDIT 2: Fixed “rp” map prefix

If you’re looking for RP Maps, you should be searching *.bsp and looking at the filenames with rp_ in it

I did, in 2014. I had to wait to dl the whole thing again cause MEGA just implemented some bs where you have to wait 5 hours when you go over your 5 gb transfer limit. Those 5 hours have now past so I am 75% rn, I’ll post back results.

EDIT: omg the rp maps are in it this time! Last time I downloaded this there were only the gm maps! Thanks everyone, I’m gonna go enjoy the good ol’ days!