Does anyone have the new SVN address for the Avon's stargate stuff?

If so please post.

Stargate Pack - part 1 of 4 (Main Stargate stuff) anonsvn anonsvn
Stargate Pack - part 2 of 4 (Stargate resources) anonsvn anonsvn
Stargate Pack - part 3 of 4 (CatDaemon’s Stuff) anonsvn anonsvn
Stargate Pack - part 4 of 4 (GMDM Resources) anonsvn anonsvn
Stargate Replicator
Stargate Extras Pack
Stargate GDO (Garage Door Opener)
Cubesystems - Supergate
Cubesystems - Energy Gates

Thank you very much.

All information are in the stargate-thread:

And the SVN-Address ShoTGuNGuY49 posted is a bad way to get the content: Don’t create 4 folders (Part1-4), just checkout and copy the /addons folder to GMod.

And what do you mean by “new SVN address”?

the origonal svn is broken, i think thats why he wants new ones , so do i :frowning:

Thanks avon im adding it now.

I only know two SVNs: the ones above and the developer SVN which is restricted access to us mere mortals.

There is a password on the server. can you post it?

Username : Anon or Anonsvn
Pass : anon or anonsvn

i currently cant get the stargate svns to work. i got the svn of the svn links on site, not working for me whereas other svns are fine.

i seem to succesfully be downloading SG from: I haven’t tried it in game yet tho.

i tried the and got an error saying Error: Repository moved temporarily to ‘’;
Error: please relocate
if anyone could help me on this?

yea. the stargate link wont work

Every SVN link I try is all broken, even the one you posted… Ive looked through the following…

And other random sites that CLAIM to have a working SVN, but they are all broken… I’m starting to think it might be a problem on my end…
It was never a problem before though…

Just use the stargate thread.

Most of all those Links are broken, umm I just need the first 4
GMDM Resources
Stargate Resources
CatDaemon’s Stuff
Main Stargate stuff

And Ive noticed that the Supergate addon isn’t working properly, could that be bcause I don’t have the above things?


well i tried the checkout u posted and when i do that i get

“Repository moved temporarily to ‘’; please relocate”



sorry nvm i just saw that svn is down for lil while