Does anyone know a good vehicle mod that has passenger seats?

What the title says. Passenger mod only works on sandbox, scars have no engine sounds when another player drives one to you from another point in the map and I can’t find anything else:(

Download a “Sit everywhere” mod, so the “passanger” sit on the car.

Mmmm that could be an option though kinda unrealistic


I’ve heard of this but where does one download it?

You buy it at scriptfodder or coderhire.

  1. Download sprops + ACF
  2. Watch a few tutorials on how to build a suspension + steering and power it with ACF
  3. Build a car with multiple seats
  4. Go to the fapcave
  5. Profit.


Passenger mod works on plenty of gamemodes, what gamemode are you trying to use it on?

It’s the only option currently, VCMod1 is for car lights etc.

My own gamemode, i’m spawning a prop_vehicle_jeep using hammer (since that’s basically what all custom vehicles are variations of) then setting it’s model to that of a tdm car and setting its script to correct one. All works fine except only one person can get in it at a time.

How are the entities spawned in these game modes nzkfc?

Wouldn’t have a clue in regards to the functions.

I know passenger mod has an issue where it only seats one (check out latest comments on passenger mod’s page on workshop) and there is a bunch of brand fixes to fix this (toyota passengers mod fix)

So that might be the issue, but you can’t call passenger mod broke when your using a HL2 vehicle and changing the model to TDM on a custom gamemode and expect no issues. I’m pretty sure some of the HL2 vech don’t work with it either.

Oddly enough passenger mod just got removed from the workshop for copying some of vcmod’s coding even though vc mod doesn’t seem to even be out yet.

I mean most vehicles that are on gmod (except for scars) are prop_vehicle_jeep entities with the model and vehicle script set differently as far as I can see there’s nothing else different.