Does anyone know a mapper named DannyDoDar

I have a mapper making a map for me His name is dannydodar heres his steam link . before i pay him i want to know if hes a scammer, he is telling me that he made Gm_bigcity i dont know if thats true or not so if you could help me id be ver thankful

He has sixty nine hours on record in Source SDK, so I’m just going to add one and one and assume he didn’t make Bigcity. At-least not on that account.

I sinserly hope, for your sake, that you’re not lying and this is the guy who is refusing to work/that you already paid in this thread.

yeah thats they guy who i was talking about in that thread

Then yeah, I’d say you got scammed. I can’t remember who made Bigcity, but I’m sure it wasn’t a guy named ‘DannyDoDar’ who has only sixty nine hours in Source SDK total. Not to mention his activities listed on his profile include ‘Trolling’, and lists practically every coding language there is in his ‘iknowit’ catagory.

I may be wrong though, if anyone else can remember/find who did it. I searched for a little while but couldn’t find the author/original post.

bigcity was made by bigwig iirc

Yep, that’s right. Found the release thread for it.

The guy lied to ya’, Trace54.

is there a place where i can find an experienced mapper that doesnt scam i tried coder hire :frowning:

Don’t take my word for it, but I’m pretty sure you can actually just ask here in the mapping section iirc.

If you do, make sure to have people back the applicants up first.

i did they kicked me out

This is why we need a recruitment/hiring thread like the Lua section had. If not that, at-least a Hall of Shame for scammers.

there a place were i can report this?

You must be new on the internet. If you want to do something, you gotta do it yourself.

well you must be blind if you didn’t see i have a mac

So do I, it’s called dual-booting. If you want to learn how to map, it’s not that hard to set up. (I’ve been doing it for about five years in Source alone.) But from what I’ve gotten you have no interest in learning how to map, and would rather pay someone to do it for you. Which is why you’re fine since you’ve created this new thread and now know not to pay someone else before they have the product made.

yeah id love it if you can teach me that dual booting so i can create the map i sent you a request depending on where you are we can work on it

He is a scam. £30 we paid him, all he did was ban all of our admins/owner/co-owner and did no codinig, he can’t code!
Top Tip:
Never Hire a coder who claims to be able to do just about everything, without posting on here.
I’m glad you posted, and I hope I helped

I made your map, then after getting to the the point where I give you the map you stopped talking to me, you made out that you was being the clever one on this thread, even though you have already payed me $100+ dollars, I made you the map you asked for, and you said after some effort of me trying to contact you, I quote: “don’t want it” even though you had not actually seen it, but you had seen it at the early stages of development, and also Gamershaze is correct with his first reply, I have multiple accounts, which embarrassingly one of them was VAC banned and another just left to rot, I find it so funny that while you was making a deal with me you was at the same time asking FacePunch users for advice.
My whole opinion on this situation is basically that you are a child who should be monitored more by your parents when it comes to online transactions.

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Cough* Your an idiot, once again people another child, and guys sit tight this one is good one, I take pride in my work coding servers for all kinds of games and this person here “L33” although I am not sure who this person is among the two which have problems with me, neither of them have payed anything. The person who did pay me £40, payed me after I had setup a stable Darkrp server, and then in the process of adding more content one of the two children which I speak of had a little play around with the server settings and the ulx groups, breaking the ranking system the f4 menu, some of the jobs, and the atm’s along with causing a glitch where players spawn without weapons after they die.
Not only was I shocked to find this, I also find it amazing how they can break the server that much over the space of a morning. I don’t use coder hire, its full of people who scam as far as I know.
If you do not believe this which I am stating I bring five people to the table which I have done work for in different area’s of coding art and mapping, in some cases paid, some cases free: (The person who payed for the darkrp setup)