Does anyone know any good rp severs?

Good rp sever?

Yes have some real good rp servers is my server and its really good

Depends on if you’re looking for “serious” or “lite/light/derprp”?

Anyway, for you mate: :v:

Our server thread:

Reign Servers’ HL2RP server is pretty decent.

DivineCircles is also pretty good.

Clairvoyant Sci-Fi Tiramisu

Lol no

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At least give a reason if you are denouncing another server, if you are just saying that you don’t know any servers than you should probably be banned.

[release]Server IPs: [Custom RP] [Fretta]

Server location: U.S.(Chicago)
Player Slots: Fretta = 24 RP = 32.
**Website: **
We host a very custom, and heavily modified version of DarkRP.
See our server thread for more info:

Wait, are you proposing that your server is running a modified version of DarkRP?
Good heavens!

In all seriousness though: I’ve played on SammyServers in the past, and from what I could gather it’s just your average DarkRP server.

Of all these, I really only play on DivineCircles. Sammy’s and Sonic’s servers are usually full of minges, but I’ve never played Clairvoyant or Reign’s.

I have a Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay server up, we could use some new members (we usually don’t go over 5 players at one time) but that’s probably because we’re still somewhat new and we have some not well-known content you need so the server isn’t filled with errors.

cause its a forum

You forgot something

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Donate for admin?


I don’t see what’s wrong with it? You get money for giving someone a privilege on a server. If said person abuses it it gets taken away.

Most of the time people who pay for admin on servers abuse it to high hell, there are chances you will get some decent admins, but for every good admin there about 10 bad ones it seems.

Server owners should seek good admins out, find some people who are on the server often and people who get along well with other players, see if their trust worthy with power, maybe promote them to a VIP or respected status before admin, I’d get to know them as well, just because we are all “online” friends does not mean we can get to know each other a bit, although for larger community’s its a bit harder to do so, its one of the few reasons why I like keeping our community on the smaller scale, hell if I had the money I would pay our admins something for helping, but we don’t have enough money to do so.