Does anyone know any simple code to analyze?

I’ve been meaning to start learning lua, I’m a bit familiar with it after playing with a bit of code when hosting a TTT server. I’ve looked at code_gs’ thread on it. I’ve wanted to analyze something simple and look up some of the code on the gmod wiki to better understand. I’ve learned a bit of Java in the past and Lua looks a bit dumbed down (thank god) so I’m sure I can learn it fairly easily over time. But yeah, if anyone knows any simple addons or anything I can analyze I would be grateful :slight_smile:

It depends what you’re wanting to actually do – are there any project ideas or goals you have in mind?

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Looking at the Garry’s Mod source code, workshop, and code on GitHub for popular addons can give you a good start.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I’m going to read the Pil as well beforehand just to get a good idea of Lua. I don’t have any specific goals, I was planning on just re-making stuff with trial and error and using the original addons as a reference

Also helpful.

Thanks! I’ll surely take a look at the thread :slight_smile: