Does anyone know how server owners can remove Building Items on non modded servers

I am a server owner And my players have been asking me to remove missplaced pillars for them.

Is there a way that server owners can remove building items for players in non modded servers ?

Not without a wipe.

Is your server Legacy? If so, you should be able to give yourself the Uber Hatchet and destroy items with it. something like: inv.giveplayer “player” “item” “amount”

If it’s Experimental (& not dev branch), how’d they get pillars…?

Pillars are a very new edition in one of the latest updates to the build system. If Vanilla, there isn’t any way to remove the miss placed mats admin wise

I would assume that pillars may be breakable like walls and shit though, may take them a while but bashing it with a hatchet or similar may net some result.