Does anyone know how to extract upk files?

alright, i want to get the meshes and textures out of solider front 2but i cant extract the stuff out of the upk files. can anyone help me out with this or tell me a software or something that can extract them? any help would be helpful. maby if theirs already a thread for this you can tell me where its at?

 PLEASE HELP IF YOU KNOW OF SOMETHING!    ive been trying to figure it out for a while.


Try stuff out.

dude, i already tried that and everything i tried dident work. i stoped after 3 things because i don’t want to get a virus or something. i put this on here for if you know of a soft ware, not so people could be dickheads.

look at

I am pretty sure that UModel can extract upk files.

YES thank you so much! now i can extract stuff from unreal eveloupment kit! your the best

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thanks man

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alright, now that i can extract the upk files, does anyone know how to get the mesh into 3ds or obj and does anyone know i can convert the textures to a more common image format?

What image format is more common than tga?

thats not what they are, they are files like “texture2D file” or “material file”. am i extracting the wrong thing?