does anyone know how to get dxtory to record rust?

does anyone know how to get dxtory to record rust? its not showing up for me so atm I cant record :’(

Seems impossible. Use FRAPS for now

yeah just got fraps gona try it as soon as my rust stops crashing

Dxtory cannot record any browser.

yeah :frowning: its a shame

Try using Open Broadcast Software and make it stream into local MP4 file.
Or maybe Camtasia.

FFsplit is also a good alternative.

yeah fraps takes up too much space when recording

Use Bandicam then.

So does Dxtory if you want good quality

Not really. The H.264 codec does some awesome magic with quality/size ratios.
And let’s be frank, RAW recording isn’t for casual recorders because you need loads of writing speed the higher the quality/size you go.

My point being - Dxtory is the best recording software with its numerous customization options.
Oh and it also lets you set separate sound tracks for audio devices

Sadly, there is no way to record unity games in browser with Dxtory. We’ll have to wait for a standalone client.

dxtory doesn’t take up much if you use the right codec

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fraps is only recording sound atm does anyone know y its not recording video

Space is necessary for good quality when recording with shit like FRAPS/DXTory. I have a 1TB hard drive at the moment and I generally don’t run out of space for raid video, I can store maybe 2-3 raids including the preparation and aftermath. I’m hoping to slip in my old 500GB spintpoint F1 for more space soon to increase the space, but still, it seems like there’s a choice of either recording at bad quality for low filesize or high quality for high filesize