Does anyone know how to open .bin files?

i want to open the .bin files for war inc. battle zone. please help and don’t comment something useless that doesn’t help. im looking for something like a program.

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allso, does anyoe know how to open pak files? i need to open them for star conflict

What are you doing

im trying to get the guns and stuff and put them on fallout new vegas.

yea you have to use-

puting the weapoms on fallout new vegas

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i have to use what?

the- over at-

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sorry facepunch wont let me post them

why? what are they? can you email me it or something? my email is if you can.

You could have just posted all your requests for help in one thread. Although you might have a hard time getting help to port anything into a game that doesn’t use Source.

Most if what you’ll find here is for Gmod and Source Film Maker(maybe)

There is the occasional helpful model resource release thread for porters and riggers though.

whats source? sorry, im dumb with these things, mostly because i just started modeling and moding

The Source engine.

Oh wow, smacks my self in the face how did i not know that lol. im a dumbass


thank you kind sir