does anyone know how to rip models from a 360 game?

ive been looking for some models and cant find any from a game so i want too rip them from my game but not sure what to use and don’t know where to begin so if anyone could help me out in ripping models from games or actually rip the models i want i would really appreciate

there’s a tool on Halomaps that lets you rip from the Halo 3 DVD, but your DVD drive needs to be able to read dual-layer DVDs.

well its not halo is actually naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm generations on the 360 ive been trying to find a way to rip 360 games just so i can rip nsunsg but ive had no luck

ripping is pretty much impossible. Since there’s no emus of the 360. Your best bet is an existing extraction tool.

360 extraction is … time consuming not as easy as the ps3 where everyting (most of the time) is already decompressed.

anyway since you mention naruto UNS generations… that game is not possible to get models from currently, its container a CPK file is to new for some of the current tools.

But UNS1 and 2 are extractable and both use the same models as generations. so just get them from there.

Actually just tell me what models you need, if your new to extracting this game is not fun to do… so ill give you the ones you need.

wow really :smiley: thanks plasmid how many characters could you rip? :smiley: like how time consuming is it too rip them cause i don’t want you to like make this a burden on yourself :slight_smile: oh and thank you wraithcat :slight_smile:
heres all the main characters and some extras. you will have to delete the LODS and flip the UVs of all of them on import.

:smiley: oh snap it didn’t take that long you long :smiley: is it all the characters on the roster board? (:smiley:

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hey um plasmid :slight_smile: i do alot of stuff in 3ds max and was wondering well it might sound stupid but whats a lods like i know how to flip the uv’s but… yeah XD

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but thank you so much plasmid :smiley: your awesome

a LOD is a low poly mesh, im sure you found that out by now looking at it in 3ds max, just delete the lower poly models stacked on.

XD thanks i did when i loaded garra in i was thinking i wonder what lod is? and then i moved around garra and seen XD but thank you so much :smiley: oh i was wondering how to put the textures on perfectly cause when i put them on in 3ds max there all messed up but i know its the right texture model but the only thing that i can seem to get right is garra’s eyes XD

if you got the UV flipped already with Xform…
some of the higher poly models have messed up UVs, try the other gara model, there should be 2 of every character.

ok i see use the uvw xform modifier on the part of the model flip it and it should look normal :smiley: i did use it on garra and worked good but when i used it on pain well the head hair and eyes look good but and outfit im not sure if im using the right texture or what cause im using the same texture used on the hair and head and cant find one for the akatsuki rob for pain :\

never mind i got it :slight_smile: thank you so much for ripping them for me :smiley: and you were fast too awesomeness :smiley: oh and buy any chance you got any maps from nuns 2? be nice to pose pain and naruto fighting :smiley: