Does anyone know of a Climb gamemode available to download?

Does anyone know of a Climb gamemode available to download for a server? The only place I found the possibility of having one was in the STGamemodes thread, but the first mirror is no longer there and the second wont download for me.
Any help would be appreciated


Here’s one I made.

I never got around to actually completing what I envisioned but assuming all the functions it uses haven’t been changed it should work. It does require mysqloo.

Do you mean climb maps where you have to do skillful jumps to make it through the course?

If yes, then I recall playing on Kreedz Climb maps - this is going back 7 or so years though.

Climb as in kz_ maps? I think Gravious’ bhop gamemode supports these (incl timers, start/end zones, wr bots)

Climb servers are typically a bit different in that the ‘skill’ modifier traditionally used on most bunnyhopping servers is in the form of saves. The highest level of skill for a climber is demonstrated by completing a map quickly without using a single save (no saving).
Copy-pasting a bunny hop gamemode would work to a degree but it would still lack this functionality which is critically important if you want to run a reasonably populated climb server.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gmod bhop server with a saves feature

Sassilization climb.

Wow, I thought everyone completely forgot about Sass. How long has it been down now?

Nearly 3 years.

Would it run without mysqloo and just not save the highscores?

wasn’t there an simple Parkour gamemode? Even in GM13?

Sorry I dont know ‘climb’ itself, I got gmod in the last days where GM13 Beta was out already(Still played GM12 though), so yea…

Okay so i tried running Aide’s climb game mode (TY by the way) without mysqloo (It wont keep highscores) and it works except the map never has a starting or ending time. Is this something I setup by way of command in game?