Does anyone know of any explosion tutorials for Photoshop CS5?

I’m needing tutorials for explosions on a picture I’m making and I can’t seem to find any good ones. Help please? Thanks.

Same for GIMP 2.0

Google cloud brushes and get started there.

That’s all I can give you on explosions, sorry I don’t have any techniques besides color and do it yourself.


You need only good reference pictures and some advanced copypasting.

Go to google, and type “explosion”.
Then go to pictures, and find some explosions with black background.

  • like dis one for example
    Then go to PCS5 and POOT them into your screenshot. Then set “Layer Option” to “Screen”.
    And then place them whatever you what.
    Also, don’t forget to use “Radial Blur” (Fillters - Blur - Radial Blur)

This should help you… maybe

It depends on what kind of explosion you’re trying to do. Mushroom clouds are generally better from Google images or various other photos, but smaller explosions might be better hand drawn or a mixture of hand drawn/brushes/photos.

stubled upon on youtube… was quite useful

or if you want you can download updated explosion textures for garrys mod and place dynamite and explode it and take a picture of it thats how i did my whole firefighter series of poses, the fire was just edited explosions