Does anyone know what happened to DogFight?

Does anyone know what happened to this gamemode? Seriously, this was the shit back in the day, and now it seems like nothing more then a faded memory. I was wondering if by chance anyone knows if theirs any servers still going with this good old memory, and if by chance the old devs might start working on it again.

It wasn’t the shit it was shit… It got entered into the gamemode coding comp and for some reason won and now is shipped with gmod. You will find nobody actually runs it.

Your thinking about Arcade Assualt… Which I agree is not up to par with the better version.

When GModWorld died, the gamemode itself died aswell, LiquidGame 2 years ago hosted it for a while then an update broke it and it was never seen again, I could get my hands on it though.

I remember this! It was really fun, but the side that had the most bombs always won :frowning:

We need a revised version of the gamemode or atleast a sent version of the admin aircraft!

There are a lot of gamemodes need a revised version, anyone remember melon racer gamemode?

The only thing I have left of the original DogFight gamemode on my hard disk is the stats database.

Then we must contact Conman, and Scooby!

I remember this. It was fun but I don’t know what happened to it.

I still have all the source code for it, but its integrated into a specific database setup and I don’t think I have any of the non-lua resources, which is a shame.

Hmm… I’m sorry arcade assault wasn’t as great as everyone expected it to be, I think I got caught up with fancy polish and artistic effects I forgot what made it fun, first person plane combat. The whole not being in the plane seemed to really detach you from the flying experience, and all the fancy effects made the whole thing laggy.

I’m not really motivated to work on this again, I put months of work into DF arcade and it wasn’t very successful, but I can upload the resources I have.

Maybe if someone can come up with a decent core gamemode (CTF sucked, attacking an objective sucked) I might have the motivation to provide something fun.

I remember scooby telling me about this gamemode, shame it’s no longer being run would have liked to try it, and he too said that it was alot better than the one that comes with gmod.

Unfortunately he doesn’t do anything gmod any more, so he didn’t tell me any more than that really :stuck_out_tongue:

A good suggestion would be just a regular dogfight. Clan-Based/Team-Based and have players dogfighting. The ‘Attack Objective’ only failed when players just spammed bombs/rockets. Having aircraft based on just the machine gun was good enough, and provided several hours of entertainment.

But please Conman…Please start coding Dogfight again, and who said we hated mouse controls…? We all wanted mouse/joystick control, but it needs to be balanced with the average wasd pilot.

Well I thought I put this out there…

Lua Coders have a blasty’

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