Does anyone know what's going on with this thread

It’s got me completely stumped, and seems better suited for the people here.

***[NSFW] ***For a more direct representation of the problem [NSFW]:>&s=8#.U6_rBfldXT8

I’m honestly not too sure if I can believe this is actually happening, or not…
Have you tried removing all your workshop addons? It almost certainly wont fix the issue, but it’s always worth a shot!

This is possible, someone in WAYWO a while ago was able to download and execute files through a module, obviously, he/she may not be the only one who worked it out. I suggest you PM RobotBoy if you are 100% sure you got it in-game.

If you add me on steam I’ll show you how to fix it (rather than indirectly revealing how to do it).

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Just saw that other thread