Does anyone know why my Garry's mod dedicated server not work with 90% of maps from the community

Does anyone know why I’ve been looking on the internet for a day and have not found anything on it. It crashes when It just starts then gives me a crash report.
I have no idea what I have to do, does anyone else.

This is one of the reports:

(User was banned for this post ("Stop making multiple threads, especially ones in the incorrect section. You've already been offered help, use it accordingly and stick to one thread!" - NiandraLades))

Why are you constantly making threads about this? Have you tried removing some addons?

Yes I have. I’ve made allot of threads because no one knows how to fix it. I’ve asked about five people and they all had no idea what was wrong with my server.

I told you in your last thread your link didn’t work; no one said “we don’t know how to fix it.” Multiple threads isn’t going to get you more attention either.

Obviously the issue doesn’t happen in a vanilla server, so something you’ve done is causing it to crash. Have you tried disabling workshop addons on your server?

Better question is how come half these HALP ME threads still aren’t locked and the creators not banned accordingly?

Make me a mod of just this particular section, train me on how to properly handle the ban aspect, and I’ll keep it clean.

Yeah, sorry with the delay with that, it’s like 3am here and I was busy working on stuff