Does anyone miss Spacebuild or is it just me?

Spacebuild was awesome.
Although generally speaking, the maps weren’t as big as I’d like them to be, and the props caused lagfests, it was still fun. Going around from planet to planet on a rickety spaceship you managed to build in 30 minutes was quite enjoyable for me. Also, there were the times where you would spend a lot of time colonizing the planet of your choice.

Anyone else want to see this gamemode come back to life again or is it just me?

Blame Source Engine for the map sizes. As for seeing it return, I think it would be interesting to have at least one semi-popular SB server.

space is really cool and all, but the source engine was never meant to be a space simulator. it has limits on map sizes which keep it limited.

I think building the ship and whatever was probably the best part, cause of the lag and small map size the fun bit was making a ship look good and doing all the systems more than flying the thing.

I used to just build ships but never fly them :v:

Spacebuild always had really badly optimized lua that tore into the server’s cpu. Not to mention most servers back then had pentium 4 cpu and lua jit wasn’t used.

If someone remakes it, they should make a module that replaces the player physics so they can stand and move around props they have the similar velocity to and also so they can stand upside down. Also disable clientside prediction when this is done.

Technically the maps could be very big, at least for a space/rpg kind of thing, by using the “Divinity 2” model. If you don’t know it go to the Divinity 2 thread in the gamemodes section and go to the second to last page.